Jailbreaking your IOS device without the home and power buttons.

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Recently I’ve been struggling to jailbreak my iPod touch with a broken button. The power button was not responding anymore and therefore I was unable to enter DFU mode in order to load a custom made firmware. In this tutorial I’ll try to explain how I put my iPod into DFU mode in order to load a custom made sn0wbreeze firmware. This should also work on any other IOS device running a version up to IOS 4. So if you have an iPhone or iPad you wish to jailbreak (if DFU mode is needed) please continue reading.

Note: This tutorial involves editing of the IPSW package you download from Apple servers. Please understand that this is risky and you therefore risk bricking your device.

Step 1: Download the correct firmware for your device. You can find the most recent, and older, firmwares on: http://www.felixbruns.de/iPod/firmware/

Step 2: We will have to edit this IPSW without extracting the content. I prefer to use 7-zip for the sake of simplicity. If you have any other compression program that is able to edit zip files you should also be fine. However, if it does not work please use the (free) 7-zip application.

Step 3: Open the file using 7-zip (right click, navigate to 7-zip context menu and press open archive)

Step 4: Navigate to Firmware/all_Flash/all_flash.n72ap.production. Now extract the applelogo.s5l8720x.img3 file out of the archive, rename it to LLB.n72ap.RELEASE.img3 and put this file back into the same folder in the archive where you initially extracted it from. It will overwrite the existing LLB file.

Step 5: Rename the file again. Change the extention back to .ipsw

Step 6: Restore your device using the file you just created. iTunes may give an error, and your device will not boot into IOS anymore. It goes straight into DFU mode.

Step 7:Disconnect your device and plug it into your PC again. It should pop up as a device in DFU mode and you will be able to restore a custom firmware.

Step 8: Use iReb to put your Device into jailbroken DFU modus. Continue to restore your custom firmware.

Step 9: You're done, when your IOS device has finished loading the firmware you will be greeted with a nice homescreen with Cydia on page 2 ;)