Sony PS3 nu helemaal open?

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Na het vorige bericht van Geohot bleef het redelijk stil rondom de ps3 hack scene. Terwijl andere nog druk bezig waren met het schrijven van tutorials om minder handige "hackers" ook op weg te helpen, was geohot in het diepste geheim bezig om de defensie van de ps3 te doorbreken. Wat hem dus, al zegt hij zelf, is geluk:

Today, I verified my theories about running the isolated SPUs as crypto engines. I believe that defeats the last technical argument against the PS3 being hacked.

In OtherOS, all 7 SPUs are idle. You can command an SPU(which I'll leave as an exercise to the reader) to load metldr, from that load the loader of your choice, and from that decrypt what you choose, everything from pkgs to selfs. Including those from future versions.

The PPU is higher on the control chain then the SPUs. Even if checks were to be added to, for example, verify the hypervisor before decrypting the kernel, with clever memory mappings you can hide your modified hypervisor.

Ah, but you still didn't get the Cell root key. And I/we never will. But it doesn't matter. For example, we don't have either the iPhone or PSP "root key". But I don't think anyone doubts the hackedness of those systems.

I wonder if any systems out there are actually secure?


Ook valt zijn twitterpost op: "Where's my homebrew at"?

Dus, de ps3 is nu echt open, hopelijk zien we dan ook binnen een aantal weken de eerste homebrew apps.